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David McCreary
Syndication (Weekly, Ohio area): 10/7/2006 - 9/29/2007

Make Me Famous, Make Me Rich (not to be confused with Make Me Rich) was a short-lived lottery game show for the state of Ohio. It replaced Cash Explosion Double Play, and was subsequently replaced by Cash Explosion after a year.


Two sets of value tables are shown. One column has lower values, but better odds of getting money deemed the "safe" column. The other column has higher values, but more spaces where you could win nothing. That is the "risk" column. Teams of three would choose whether to "play it safe" or "take the risk". They then spin a reel and get whichever value is chosen. If a "bonus" ribbon is on the value, people who paid for a $2 ticket instead of a $1 ticket would get double the money.

The second round consists of the two highest scoring teams. Six cards are presented and each player takes one. One is the winning card where the player advances to the bonus round, one player has $25,000 bonus and if the player takes the bonus, they are out of the game. The other 4 cards simply say "bye" and eliminate the player. First the player who has the bonus card is revealed. They have either the choice to take the money and quit, or pass the bonus on to someone else for their card. After that, the four players holding the "bye" cards are revealed. The one left moves to the bonus round.

The bonus round consists of colored balls in a whirlwind. The winning player of the day along with the champion from a previous episode draw balls until the green ball is chosen. The player wins if they get the green ball.



by Mike Jackson

Bought my lucky ticket, it's time to go,
Walkin' the red carpet, I'm ready for the show.
Lights! Camera! Action! I've found my niche,
Make me famous, make me rich!


Official Site (via Internet Archive)
Make Me Famous, Make Me Rich @ Game Show Garbage

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