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Title Genre
M'ama Non M'ama Dating
MC Battle Reality (Music)
MTV'S Top Pop Group Reality (Music)
MTV2's Joking Off Reality
MVP: Most Valuable Performer Variety
MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge Spinoff
Machines of Glory Reality
Mad Libs Childrens
Mad Mad House Reality
Made in America Panel Game
Made in the USA Shopping
The Magic Touch Regional (Ohio)
The Magnificent Marble Machine General Knowledge
Majority Rules (1) Panel Game
Majority Rules (2) Surveys
Majors & Minors Childrens
Make a Face Puzzle
Make Me a Millionaire Lottery, Regional (California)
Make Me A Supermodel Reality
Make Me Famous, Make Me Rich Lottery, Regional (Ohio)
Make Me Laugh Comedy
Make Me Rich Lottery, Regional (Michigan)
Make That Spare! Sports
Make the Connection Panel Game
Make the Grade Childrens
Making a Model with Yolanda Hadid Reaity
Making it Big Reality
Making Menudo Reality (Music)
Making the Band Reality (Music)
Making the Grade Quiz, Academic, Regional (Indiana)
Malcolm Quiz, General Knowledge
Mall Masters Shopping
Man O Man Bizarre
Man V Fly Reality
Man v. Food Food
Man vs. Beast Stunts & Dares
Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown Cooking
Manhattan Honeymoon Relationship
Manhunt Stunts & Dares
Manhunt: The Search For America's Most Gorgeous Male Model Reality
The Mansion Reality
Marital Blitz Relationship
The Marriage Ref Reality
Married by America Reality
Masquerade Party Variety
Master Blasters Technological
Master of Champions Reality
Master of Dance Music
Master of the Mix Reality (Music)
MasterChef Reality
MasterChef Junior Reality
MasterChef USA Reality
Masters of the Maze Childrens
Match Game Panel Game
The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour Panel Game/Family Game
Match Made in Heaven Dating
Match Mistress Dating
The Match Off Dating
Matches 'N Mates Relationship
Matchmaker Dating
Matchmakers Matching
Matchmates Puzzle
Maximum Drive Sports
Maximum Rocket Power Games Childrens
Meet Mister Mom Reality
Meet My Folks Dating
Meet or Delete Dating
Meet Your Match Quiz, General Knowledge
Megabucks Giveaway Lottery, Regional (Michigan)
Megan Wants a Millionaire Dating
Meow Mix House Animals
Merv Griffin's Crosswords Puzzle
Messing Prize Party Stunts & Dares
Michael Feldman's Whad' Ya Know? Radio
Midnight Feast Cooking
Midnight Money Madness Interactive
Midway Stunts & Dares
Mike Stokey's Pantomime Quiz Stunts & Dares
Million Dollar Bowling Bowling
Million $$ Challenge Sport
Million Dollar Mind Game Puzzle
Million Dollar Money Drop Big Prize
Million Dollar Password Word Association
Million Dollar Poker Challenge Poker
The Million Second Quiz Quiz, General Knowledge
Million Dollar Summer Finale Lottery, Regional (Illinois)
The Million Dollar Word Game Word Game
A Millon General Knowledge Quiz
Mind of a Man Surveys
Mind Readers Unsold Pilot
Mindreaders Celebrity
Minute to Win It Stunts & Dares
Minuto Para Ganar Stunts & Dares
Mira Quien Baila Variety
Miss Seventeen Reality
Missing Links Puzzle
Missus' Goes-A-Shopping Shopping
Mo'Nique's Fat Chance Reality
Model Employee Reality
Model Latina Reality
A Model Life Reality
Modelville Spinoff
The Mole Action & Adventure, Lying, Reality
The Moment of Truth Relationship, Big Prize, Lying
Momma's Boys Reality
Monday Night Quarterback Sports
Money From Strangers Reality
Money Hungry Reality
Money in the Bank Puzzle
Money in the Blank Puzzle
The Money List Quiz, General Knowledge
Money Mania Interactive
The Money Pump Big Prize
Money Where Your Mouth Is Relationship
Money Words Puzzle
The Moneymaze Stunts & Dares
Monopoly Board Game Conversion
Monopoly Millionaires' Club Board Game Conversion
Moolah Beach Stunts & Dares
More to Love Reality
Morph Sports Non-Broadcast Pilots, Childrens, Sport, Stunts & Dares
Most Popular Lifestle
Mother's Day Family Game
Motor City Masters Reality
The Movie Game Themed Quiz
The Movie Masters Themed Quiz
Movieland Quiz Themed Quiz
Moving In Dating
Mr. Personality Reality
Mr. Romance Reality
Mud, Sweat & Gears Reality
Murder Reality
Murder in Small Town X Reality
Music Bingo Bingo (Music)
Musical Chairs (1) Music
Musical Chairs (2) Music
My Antonio Dating
My Bare Lady Reality
My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss Reality
My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance Reality
My Dad is Better than Your Dad Stunts & Dares
My Diet Is Better Than Yours Reality
My Family's Got GUTS Family Game
My GamesFever Interactive
My Generation Music
My Kind of Town Reality
My Kitchen Rules Reality, Food
My Life is a Sitcom Reality
My Life With Ryan Quiz, Themed (The Life of Ryan)
My Momma Throws Down Cooking
My Ride Rules Reality