DeRay Davis
MTV2's Joking Off
MTV2's Joking Off Season 2
MTV2: 4/1/2015-2/24/2016
MTV's Joking Off
MTV: 8/4/2016-present
Back Roads Entertainment
Canter-Krask Industries

MTV2's Joking Off (then later as MTV's Joking Off in Season 3) is an hilarious, half-hour, comedic game show where teams of jokesters test their improv skills against the wildest social media memes, tweets, Instagram images and videos to deliver laugh out loud reactions and out-joke the competition.


The show featuring teams of rising young comedians, the hilarious, fast-paced, half-hour comedic game show celebrates the best of social media and the Internet, delivering laugh out loud reactions to the most ridiculous tweets, Instagram images, videos and write-ups ever posted. The teams must avoid getting joked-off before one comedian reigns supreme.


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