Mario Lopez
Marianela Pereyra
Brian Friedman
Michelle Williams
MTV's Top Pop Group
MTV: 9/11/2008-10/2/2008
BBC Worldwide Productions
Fever Media

MTV's Top Pop Group was a short-lived reality competition series consisting of nine pop groups looking to be the next "Top Pop" group.


Nine amazing groups hit the stage to compete for a $100,000 prize and the coveted title of MTV's Top Pop Group. Each week, the hopefuls are coached by megastars nd supergroups ho try to help them perfect their skills. Then, he groups perform live in front of a panel of celebrity judges (Brian Friedman, Michelle Williams & Taboo) knowing that one wrong move or off-key note could cause their dreams to come crashing down. The viewer could also vote for their favorite pop group where dreams become reality and hearts can be broken. After tallying the votes, one group is eliminated each week. In the end, the last group standing is crowned "MTV's Top Pop Group".


Official Website (via Internet Archive)

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