Alex Trebek
John Harlan
M'ama Non M'ama
Unsold Pilots for ABC: 12/7/84
Marty Pasetta Productions
Entertainment Planing Corporation

"In Italian, 'ama' means 'love', and 'm'ama' means 'love me'. And 'non m'ama' means 'love me not'. Welcome to the game of love, the game that makes the world go round; M'ama non M'ama - Love Me, Love Me Not where four fascinating young women/ardent young men - [Introduce men/women panelists] are being pursued by two fascinating young women/ardent young men - [Introduce men/women contestants]. Now meet your host, the star of M'ama non M'ama, Alex Trebek!"

M'ama Non M'ama was a pair of 1984 pilots that were eventually reworked into Love Me, Love Me Not (which, appropriately, is what "M'ama Non M'ama" means in Italian). it was based on the Italian format of the same name.


Main GameEdit

To start the game and to decide who goes first, one contestant plucked one of the petals on the daisy on their podium. Each petal either read "Love Me" (meaning they would go first) or "Love Me Not" (meaning the opponent would go first); they also each had a dollar amount (either $50, $100, or $150) which would go into a pot that doubled every time a panelist was captured. In this game, the two players of the same sex alternated turns picking panelists of the opposite sex. The chosen panelist also selected a category via a daisy petal and read a statement about love & romance. The player would then either agree or disagree on the statement, and a correct judgment captured the panelist.

Round 1Edit

Each panelist asked one question, meaning that at the most each of the players could capture two panelists.

Round 2Edit

Any panelists who were not yet captured were still in play. The difference here is that two mistakes gave the opposing player a captured panelist.

The first player to capture three panelists won the game, the money in the pot, and moved on to the bonus round.

Bonus RoundEdit

The player first asked an open-ended Dating Game-style question to each of the three panelists s/he had captured. Once the panelist was picked, s/he joined the player on this big giant daisy, with the player starting on petal #1 (the top), and the panelist on petal #6 (clockwise from the top). Trebek then asked a series of true/false questions, and each time the player answered correctly, he/she moved to the next clockwise petal. But each time the player answered incorrectly, the panelist moved to the next petal. If the player reached the panelist in 50 seconds or less, they divided $1,000 per correct answer. If the 50 seconds ran out, or if the panelist caught the player, the bonus round was lost. Upon a win, the two players teamed up to answer one final question.

If their collaborative answer was correct, they each also won a car. The two panelists who didn't play the game became the players on the next show.

Italian VersionEdit

The original version aired on Retequattro (or Rete 4) hosted by Marco Predolin along with Sabina Ciuffini who was later replaced by Ramona Dell'Abate (1984) as co-host from 1983 until 1985.


M'ama Non M'ama was supposedly meant to replace ABC's Family Feud (Dawson), which ended up being renewed through next June.

Two pilots were done in 1985 of Love Me, Love Me Not, which sold.