Love Between the Sexes was a black people's cross between The Dating Game & Love Connection.


BET: September 15, 1992-January 16, 1993


BET (Black Entertainment Television)


Harold McCoo


Connie Briley


Seen three nights a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) sometimes paring with BET's Triple Threat, this dating game show was split into two halves. In each half, a panel of six people (three men & three women) known as the "Peanut Gallery" tried to make the right predictions to win money for the studio audience. Each correct prediction was worth $200.

1st HalfEdit

The first half was played exactly like The Dating Game. One player was introduced to three members of the opposite sex. He/she asked questions to those three players in an unmentioned time limit. When time was up, the members of the "Peanut Gallery" each predicted what the picker will choose to date. When the votes were in, the picker made his/her choice. When all said and done, host Harold revealed which bachelor(ette) a resident matchmaker thought the picker would pick. A match from the picker won him/her $500, while the "Peanut Gallery" picked up $200 for each match by each member.

2nd HalfEdit

In the second half, a couple [which was formed on the show] returned to the show to talk about what they did on the date. Prior to this, each member of the "Peanut Gallery" predicted whether or not there was a "love match". Again, each correct prediction was worth $200 to the "Peanut Gallery".

The panel was split between the sexes, and the most either or both sexes can score is $1200. The side with the most money out of $1200 won the game and awarded the winning money to members of the studio audience. If the game ended in a tie, a fish bowl filled a certain item was brought out. The teams estimated how many of that object were inside the fish bowl. The side that came the closest without going over won the game. (In one episode, the winners of the tiebreaker won an additional $200.)

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