Lose a turn wedge by wheelgenius-d3f3a4n

The Lose A Turn is a penalty wedge from Wheel of Fortune which (unlike the Bankrupt) simply makes the contestant lose his/her turn in the round while it does not cost the contestant his or her cash and prizes. Back in the day, the wedge originally had a yellow background with black letters but currently it has a white background with black letters (a reversal color scheme compared to the Bankrupt wedge). In addition, on Wheel 2000 their version of the Lose A Turn wedge was just simply called Loser which has a similar role to its adult counterpart accompanied by an ominous descending electronic tune. In addition, anytime when a contestant lands on a "Lose A Turn" wedge, then the word "Lose A Turn" briefly appears on their podium. In the Tiger Electronics, Nintendo 64, and Sony Imagesoft games, it is signified by the "wrong letter" buzzer. In the 1998 Hasbro Interactive games, it uses the same "slide whistle" sound as Bankrupt.

Show appearedEdit

Wheel of Fortune (Daytime: 1975-1989/1989-1991, Syndication: 1983-present)

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