Lora Cain
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Name: Lora Cain
Occupation: announcer
Website/URL: Her Official Website
Lora Cain is a nationally known voice actor for commercials, corporate videos, films and as the recognized voice for TV and radio stations across America, Europe and the Far East. Cain has a versatile sound that is warm, authoritative and friendly. Cain is often chosen for spots and promos male voices might usually do because she has a stronger than normal sound and can voice hard-hitting news series as well as women-oriented subjects. Cain's credits her background as a writer for her ability to interpret copy and immediately give producers the read they want. Cain has voiced spots from computers to cars and can deliver from her home studio via ISDN or mp3.

In 2011, Lora Cain was the first female guest announcer for Wheel of Fortune as one of the candidates to replace the late Charlie O'Donnell after passing away in 2010. which ultimately Jim Thornton was her permanent replacement in 2011.

Show AnnouncedEdit

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