Gary Owens
Letters to Laugh-In
NBC Daytime: 9/29/1969 – 12/26/1969
George Schlatter-Ed Friendly Productions

"It's Letters To Laugh-In (insert three comedians and their written jokes submitted by viewers). And here's your host, a man who has London at his feet, New York at his feet, Chicago at his feet, he may have very little talent, but he has big feet. And now, a man whose charm and sophistication is only exceeded by his loveliness, Gary Owens!"

Letters To Laugh-In was a short-lived daytime game show where the stars from the popular sketch comedy show Laugh-In would read letters sent in by fans.


Home viewers mail their jokes to the program, during which they are read by a panel of four celebrities—two of them Laugh-In regulars. Each joke was rated on a scale of zero to 100. The highest-rated joke on that day's program won a nice prize (such as a trip to Hawaii), while the lowest-rated joke won a trip to "beautiful downtown Burbank".


A spinoff based on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In by Dan Rowan and Dick Martin.


Laugh-In Fansite (via Internet Archive)

YouTube VideosEdit

A full episode from September 30, 1969
Opening credits of the above episode

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