Host/Executive Producer
Scott Sternberg
Charlie O'Donnell
Nostalgia Channel: 7/8/1991 - 5/28/1993
Scott Sternberg Productions
NAC Productions Inc.

It's time for the game that takes you back in time, LET'S GO BACK! And now, here's the host of Let's Go Back, SCOTT STERNBERG!

Let's Go Back was the nostalgia-based game show that tested contestants' knowledge of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s.


Rounds 1 & 2Edit

In these rounds, the contestants faced a game board of five categories each with four questions that talk about each of the four decades (one question per decade). The player in control chose a category followed by the decade, then host Sternberg asked a question from that decade. The first player to buzz-in had a chance an answer. A correct answer added points to their score, plus the right to choose another category and decade, but an incorrect answer subtracted points & gave the other players a chance to answer, very similar to Jeopardy!.


  • Round 1 – +/-10 points
  • Round 2 – +/-20 points

Time CapsuleEdit

Also in the first two rounds, one decade in one category hid a special question called the "Time Capsule". The first player to choose that got a chance to answer the question unopposed for double value. A correct answer on that question added those points to his/her score, with no penalty for an incorrect answer. A right answer also won a special memorabilia-type prize like a replica of KITT from Knight Rider, The Brady Bunch lunch box, or a Charlie's Angels board game.

Final Round: Decades RoundEdit

This was played similar to the Countdown Round on Split Second. In this round, the contestants were given a set number of answers according to their score. The player in first place needed to answer four questions. The contestant in second place needed five correct answers and the contestant in third needed six.

Host Sternberg would read an event and contestants would attempt to guess which decade it occurred in. Each correct answer reduced the player's counter by one. The first player to reach zero won the game and $500.


Let's Go Back @ Game Show Garbage

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