Bob Goen
Let's Ask Cincinnati
WCPO 9: 11/20/2014-present
Scripps Networks

Let's Ask Cincinnati is a locally-produced four-episode only "spinoff" version of Let's Ask America for Cincinnati, Ohio.


Same as the syndicated version except all of the contestants in this series are local celebrities from Cincinnati, Ohio who are playing for their favorite local charities and all of their survey questions are about life in the Tri-State. The four contestants compete against each other (via Skype) and attempt to correctly guess how most surveyed greater Cincinnatians would answer the light-hearted questions. There's even an added online digital element to invite people to play along with the show (it's under the "links" section of this page).

See AlsoEdit

Let's Ask America - the original version that formerly ran in syndication from 2012 until 2015.


Official Streaming Website

YouTube VideoEdit

News Story About Let's Ask Cincinnati

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