Laila Ali & Vic "Vega" Moea
Late Nite Chef Fight
FYI: 11/29/2014-present
The Jay & Tony Show
Relativity Television

Late Nite Chef Fight is a reality cooking competition series where Las Vegas chefs prepare meals in a food truck during a competition.


Based on real life after-hours chef competitions that takes place in Las Vegas, each episode of the series has two leading Vegas-based chefs competing against each other in a food truck they have never stepped foot inside before. With a lively audience cheering them along, the chefs battle it out and go head-to-head after-hours on the Las Vegas strip. Using a diverse and exotic range of unfamiliar ingredients left behind in the food trucks, the chefs will create three unique dishes in three face paced rounds.

The winner of the first round chooses which of the two food trucks they will work out of and winning the second round gives the chef a major advantage against their competitor. In the third and final round, the chefs must create a main course that coincides with the previous two challenges. The dishes are presented to two experts judges, with the winner taking home the ultimate bragging rights and a meal cooked by the loser.

See AlsoEdit

Food Truck Face Off - a reality cooking competition show with a similar premise airing on Food Network in 2014


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