Kristen Brockman
Kristen 1
Name: Kristen Brockman
Born: July 4, 1982
Occupation: Model
Years active: 2005-present
Known for: Her modeling career
Kristen Brockman (born July 4, 1982 in Indianapolis, Indiana) was a former briefcase model on the NBC primetime version of Deal or No Deal.

Starting off at her home state of Kentucky, Brockman earned a degree in broadcast Journalism from the University of Kentucky, Immediately upon graduation, she was hired to co-host and produce the NBC-affiliated "All for You" , a local entertainment news show. With some experience under her belt, Brockman decided she was ready to make the move to Hollywood where she landed one of her first big gigs as a briefcase beauty on NBC's "Deal or No Deal".

While modeling for fun, Brockman continued to pursue her hosting career as a freelance red carpet reporter, covering everything from movie to television premieres to award show after parties. This led to other positions like co-host of HD Net's popular travel show "Get Out" and appearances on E! Network's daily online news show "E! News Now". For two years, Brockman also hosted the web show "Gift Bag Robin Hood" on Stylist TV, where she attended celebrity gifting suites, interviewing brand representatives from top fashion, beauty, and tech companies.

Currently, Brockman works as a host and producer at the new online network Bite Size TV, delivering the latest in pop culture and entertainment. In her most popular show "K-Brock on the Block", she takes to the crazy streets of Hollywood interview some of the city's most interesting characters. And (of course) Brockman can always be found doing what she does best...have fun!

In 2006, she was a referee for Lingerie Bowl III.

Show appearedEdit

Deal or No Deal


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