John Mulrooney & Judy Cole
King of the Mountain
FOX July 28, 1990
Fox Square Productions

King of the Moutain was an outdoor athletic contest based on a series that aired on Tokyo Broadcasting System called Takeshi's Castle, featured ten contestants (five male and five female) competing for the "vacation of a lifetime".


In the one and only series, the vacation was a trip for two to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico with a cash prize of $1,000. The match began with all ten contestants competing in three events to earn points.

The List of Three Events and Their DescriptionsEdit

  • Suicide Swap - In the first event, each player tried to cross a "swamp" by stepping on a series of stones. Some stones even anchored down while some were not and a player who fell in the water was eliminated. The father along a player got in attempt to cross the swamp, the more points that player received. Any player who crossed the swamp, without falling in received 100 points.
  • Human Bowling - In the second event, each player selected a number at random. This number determined the players' position on an oversized bowling lane. A large 200 pound bowling ball was rolled at the players who were dressed in protective bowling pin suits. They received 25 points if they were sill standing after one ball was rolled and 50 points if still standing after two balls were rolled, The players rotated positions on the lane for the second frame with the position again determined by numbers selected at random. Any player who survived both frames received 100 points.
  • Doors of Deception - In the third and final event, each player tried to run through a series of four walls built on four doors by choosing the correct door in each wall. Some doors were just paper and allowed passage while some other doors were solid or filled with nets to prevent passage. Each player received 25 points for each wall conquered.

The four contestants with the highest points scores at the end of the third event moved on to Boulder Mountain to determine the days winner.

Boulder MountainEdit

The players in pairs of two raced each other up a pass in order to reach the top of the mountain while also attempting to avoid man-made boulders that were tossed at them to slow their climb. The first player to reach the top raced the winner of the second match for the championship.

Youtube VideosEdit

Full Special Part 1
Full Special Part 2


Based on the Japanese game show Takeshi's Castle (風雲!たけし城 / Fuun! Takeshi-jo)


Storm the Castle
MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

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