Killer Card Show Me the Money

The Killer Card is a penalty marker seen on the short-lived primetime game show Show Me the Money.


If the killer card was revealed, a "sudden death" question was asked (with no option to pass). On the premiere episode, only an incorrect answer on a regular question when the killer card was revealed would cause the player to face sudden death. The player had to answer correctly or else the game ended at once as the player won nothing. A correct answer on the sudden-death question, if asked, allowed the player to continue to the next turn with the pot unchanged. All plus signs remained intact.

In actual practice during the show's brief run, everyone who picked the killer card did so on an incorrect answer, and none of them were able to answer the sudden-death question correctly.

The design of the Killer CardEdit

The design was a scroll that featured a sexy silhouetted female model (as a symbol) inside a yellow triangle with a red colored squared background.

Show appearedEdit

Show Me the Money (2006)

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