Summer Sanders
HLN: 3/31/2015-4/21/2015

Keywords (also known as Keywords!: The Search and Tag game of Internet Trivia) was a short-lived game show about internet trivia based on the app of the same name.


Two teams compete by answering internet-related questions. They are given five keyword clues to help them find the answer, or the "search term". Guessing the right subject earns points. The value of each puzzle decreases for each new keyword. So the faster they answer, the more points they score.

In round one, each puzzle is worth 50 points minus 10 for each new keyword.

In round two, each puzzle is worth 100 points minus 20 for each new keyword. Also in round two, there is a "Play or Pass" puzzle worth up to 200 points and only one team can play that puzzle. There are only three keywords but the value decreases by 40 points for each new keyword. A right answer added the remaining points, but a wrong answer or no answer deducts points.

The team with the most points at the end of two rounds wins the game.

Grand FinaleEdit

In the final round, the winning team is given one last category and subject. The subject has a list of the top ten keywords. The winning team has 30 seconds to give any five of those keywords and win a trip.


Based on the app of the same name.


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Official Website (via Internet Archive)