Kenny Hotz & Spencer Rice
GSN: 2004
Comedy Central: 2007
Blueprint Entertainment
Breakthrough Films and Television
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
KVS Productions
Kenny vs. Spenny was a reality show imported from Canada featuring two best friends named Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice who face each other in various competitions. while the loser in each episode must perform an act of humiliation, usually selected by the winner.

International VersionsEdit

The show has spwaned several similar replica's of it's format in other different countries including:

  • Frank vs. Girard (French-Canadian version)
  • Elton vs. Simon (German version)
  • Sid vs. Varun (Indian version)
  • Juan vs. Roman (Latin American version)
  • Katja vs. Bridget/Dennis vs. Valerio (Netherlands version)
  • Ed vs. Spencer (United Kingdom version)

See AlsoEdit

Shaq VS.-a similar show to Kenny vs. Spenny that formerly aired on ABC from 2009 until 2010.

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