Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne
Name: Kelly Lee Osbourne
Born: October 27, 1984
Occupation: Host, Actress, Singer, Model, Fashion Expert
Kelly Lee Osbourne (born 27 October 1984, in London, England) is a singer-songwriter, actress, television presenter and fashion designer. She is the real life daughter of Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne and sister of Jack & Aimee Osbourne.

Like most of her family (excluding Aimee), she first gained national attention in her family's hit MTV reality series. While doing the show, Kelly's debut album Shut Up! debut in music stores to low sales in the US, but generous sales in Europe.

In 2004, Kelly started to take interest in fashion. She started her own line of t-shirts, knickers, hoodies and sweatpants designed by her and former sponsor Ali Barone, emblazoned with cartoonish designs and punk rock phrases. The line was called Stiletto Killers. There was also a more sophisticated couture branch, the SK Collection. The line was discontinued in April 2006.

Also in 2004, Kelly became an accomplished actress and later, TV hostess. Her first acting job was on a short-lived ABC drama Life As Know It. Her first taste of hosting was on her mother's one year old talk show; she subbed for Sharon while Sharon was tending to Ozzy due to an accident he had. Kelly continued to act & host as years went on and in 2010, she hosted E! Fashion Police alongside Joan Rivers. She hosted it for five years and left due to fellow host Giuliana Rancic's comments against Kelly's friend Zendaya Coleman. Strangely enough, Kelly was blasted herself when she made comments on The View against Donald Trump's criticism illegal Mexican immigration.

But the comments she made, didn't exactly hurt her career a bit; because most recently, she became the judge for Project Runway Junior, a kid's spin-off of Project Runway. And she also became a new judge on a new version of Australia's Got Talent.

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