Keefe Brasselle (Pilot)
Bill Nimmo (Series)
Johnny Olson
Starring Bill Nimmo
ABC Primetime: 10/12/1957 - 2/8/1958
Frank Cooper Productions

"The American Broadcasting Company presents...Keep it in the Family! Yes, it's Keep it in the Family with the happiest, scrappiest families in America and starring Bill Nimmo!"

Keep it in the Family was somewhat a precursor to Family Feud, except no survey questions.


The game involved two five-member families who were asked five-part questions, with the youngest members generally getting the easier questions and the older members, the harder ones. Teams started with 200 points and could bid up to 100 points, with the higher bid receiving the question. The difficulty of the question increased with the amount of the bid. If a team missed any part of the question, the amount of their bet was deducted from their score; if their score fell below 100 points, they automatically lost. Otherwise, the game continued until one team scored 350 points; the winners then faced a new family.

In addition, when a family answered all five parts of the question correctly, they received a bonus prize.


Leonard Stern and Roger Price

YouTube VideosEdit

The full premiere episode
Opening to the above episode

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