Betty White
Steve Day
NBC Daytime: 1/3/1983 - 4/1/1983
Rosner Television
Century Towers Productions
Orion Television

STEVE: "It's the most unusual game/talk show in/on game/television! (insert female contestants and their occupations) (insert male stars' names). And (Betty), why are we all here?" BETTY: "Because it's Just Men!"

Just Men! was a very highly unusual game show, where two contestants were women while the celebrity guests were men, hence the name of the show, Just Men!


Two female contestants faced a panel of seven male celebrities for the chance to win a car. At the start of each show, Betty would mix the key that started the car with six others that did not, and handed one key to each celebrity. First with a special key sliding device and later with a plastic glass box.

Main GameEdit

In each round, a category was given along with a requirement (how many yeses, how many nos or simply answering yes or no) for that round.

Round 1Edit

In this round, the male panel was asked a yes or no question prior to the show to which at least two celebrities had answered "YES". Starting with the champion, each contestant questioned the panel for one minute (although a celebrity whose answer was revealed couldn't be questioned), using questions prepared for them in advance pertaining to the round's topic, then the contestant in control selected a celebrity she thought answered YES. Doing so won that celebrity's key. If two YES answers had not been found after each contestant had a turn, they then took turns asking one celebrity one question and then making a choice until two keys had been claimed.

Round 2Edit

In this round, the panel was asked another yes or no question, to which at least two of the panelists with unclaimed keys had answered "NO". At the beginning of that round, the celebrities whose keys have been already taken revealed their answers. The second round was played the same as the first, except that the contestants looked for panelists who said "NO". Again, a correct prediction won a key, but a wrong prediction this time resulted in the key for that panelist being awarded to her opponent. Each contestant had one turn.

Round 3 (catch-up round)Edit

In the final round, each player (starting with the one who was trailing) took turns asking one of the remaining celebrities one question, based on the round's topic. Then, the contestant had to decide if the celebrity said "YES" or "NO" to the round's question. If correct, she not only won that key, but also earned the right to take one of her opponent's keys as well (if any); otherwise, the star's key and the stealing of the key went to her opponent. So in effect, lady contestants received two keys after each question depending on who was right and who was wrong.

The contestant with the most keys out of seven won the game and played for the new car. The loser got a consolation prize for each key she had (she would be guaranteed at least one prize).

Final Round: The Car RoundEdit

The champion selected one key for each day she had been on the show. The first key she chose had to come from one of the keys she had won in the main game. If the contestant won the main game by collecting all seven keys, she got a bonus key choice. The keys were tried in the car in alphabetical order (based on the celebrities' names), in the event the contestant had multiple key selections, the celebrities joined her in the car for luck. If any of the keys selected by the contestant started the car, she won the car and retired undefeated. If not, she won a trip as a consolation prize (indicated by a prop inside the car's trunk, such as tulips for Holland and a sombrero for Mexico), and returned the next day to face a new challenger. The contestant also won the car by winning seven shows in a row.

NOTE: When the car wasn't won, a production worker revealed the winning celebrity, and then Betty proceeded to open the trunk.


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Betty White won an Emmy for her work on the show. She was the first female to win the Emmy for Outstanding Game Show Host. (Meredith Vieira of the Syndicated version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (or Millionaire), The View, The Today Show and her self-titled, short-lived syndicated talk show that ran from 2014 until 2016 was the second in both 2005 and 2009 respectively.)

Game show hosts such as Pat Sajak, Gene Rayburn and Peter Tomarken (who hosted Hit Man at the time) occasionally appeared on the show.

On Friday shows, the panel wore blue jackets bearing the show's name. That trend would carry over into the 1986 revival of Hollywood Squares, also produced by Rosner.


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"Please come back tomorrow/Monday. We'll be here, because it's Just Men!"


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