Richard Kline
Charlie O'Donnell (unconfirmed)
Unsold Pilots for Daily Syndication: 10/1988
Ron Greenberg Productions
Hillier Productions
Procter & Gamble Productions
Distributor (planned)
Multimedia Entertainment

Jumble is an unsold show based on the newspaper puzzle feature, but unrelated to the series with Wink Martindale.


Similar to Win, Lose or Draw, this game was played on a set designed to resemble a living room. Each of two contestants plays with a celebrity partner.

Each team consists of a "yeller" and a "speller". The yeller has to unscramble a word within 15 seconds. The speller's job is to rearrange magnetic letters, but cannot spell a word until the yeller correctly says it. A correct word awards $50. If the team in control is incorrect, the opposing team is allowed to try. If both teams fail, the host places letters one at a time until one team gets it.

The highlighted letters, like the circled letters in the newspaper version, are then brought over to the cartoon puzzle. They have a few seconds to guess the punny phrase ("What Does Vanna White Say to the Preacher? Wedding Vowels!"). If they don't solve it, another word was played. But if they do solve it, the contestant wins bonus money. Three puzzles were played, the first worth $250, the second $500 and the third $1,000. Each puzzle had four words associated with it, so it would be theoretically possible, but extremely unlikely, to win without getting the third puzzle. The team who was ahead at the end of play, goes to the bonus round.

The bonus game had six words that share a common theme (in this case, a category of Siskel & Ebert with the words related to movies) with a 60-second time limit. Any word correctly guessed had its key letters moved over, and after the 60 seconds expired the team was given another 15 seconds to guess the puzzle. Solving the puzzle awarded a 1989 Camaro.


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  • The celebrities in the pilot reviewed below were Bill Kirchenbauer and Alaina Reed. A pitchfilm attached to the pilot showed clips of a different pilot with Roger E. Mosley and Rebeca Arthur.
  • Even though this didn't sell in the states, this was sold in England.


Jumble at the Game Show Pilot Light