Alex McLeod (JM)
Samantha Harris (TNJM)
Broadcast (FOX)
Joe millionaire
Joe Millionaire: 1/6/2003 - 11/24/2003
Next Joe Millionaire
The Next Joe Millionaire: 10/20/2003 - 11/24/2003
Fox World
Joe Millionaire (and later The Next Joe Millionaire) was a short-lived reality show where women meet a person who's supposed to be a millionaire who got rich through an inheritance, though he really isn't. This puts true love to the test to see if real love really doesn't require material wealth.

British VersionEdit

An equally short-lived British version called Joe Millionaire UK hosted by Rebecca De Young along with bachelor Dominic Lijertwood aired on E4 from 27 November (November 27) 2003 to 1 January (January 1) 2004.


"You must leave the chateau!"

See AlsoEdit

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Official Website (via Internet Archive)
Article about the British version (courtesy of

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