Art James
Lee Leonard
Old It's Academic
WNBC: 1963–1972
Altman Productions

A localized version of It's Academic for the New York City area.


In each round, each team was individually asked 10 questions worth 10 points each. The team to the immediate left of the team that was supposed to answer chose which packet from a rack of 20 (19 of them were numbered and up for selection, but the 20th one on the lower right was not and was marked "Grab Bag") the answering team would use. Answering all ten questions correctly also scored a 50 point bonus, for a total of 150 points.

For Rounds 2 and 3, incorrect answers lost 10 points, and the team in control could choose to pass a question which only incurred half a penalty. At the end of their turn, the other teams could go for the passed questions at the risk of a penalty if they were wrong. In the third round, the team in control could go for double value (+/-20 points).

The final round was the "Grab Bag" round which consisted of quick-fire toss-up questions, each worth +/-20 points. The number of questions varied depending on the time left in the game. The game ended when the time was up.

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Full Episode from 1963