The Game Show Forum is an active forum for discussing game shows, past and present. Chris Clementson and Matt Ottinger created the board in December 2002 as a successor to the spam-infested David Zinkin was a co-moderator of the board from 2004 until his death in August 2008. It was housed on Ezboard from December 2002 to June 2003 and then was housed on Invision Power Boards from June 2003 through December 2013. In December 2013, it moved to its current home on Simple Machines. Chris Clementson and Robert Searcy have been the moderation team since then, as Matt Ottinger left his moderator post at that point. They have not accepted any new members since December 2013.

The forums Edit

As of August 2008, there are eight forums. Anonymous users can only view three of the forums (Big Board, Show Summaries, GSN).

The Big Board Edit

The Big Board is a general discussion forum for game shows.

Video and Audio Clips Edit

This forum is for posting video and audio clips. The forum originated in late 2007 as a result of the closure of the "Internet Game Show Finds" thread, which contained clips in posts dating back to February 2006.

Show Summaries Edit

This forum is for discussing shows that have recently aired (either in first-run, rerun, or on GSN)


This forum was originally for discussing the schedules and operations of GSN. Discussion of Buzzr TV schedules were also added shortly after that network's launch in 2015.

Let's Meet Our Players! Edit

This is a forum for users to post more about themselves. The reply function is disabled in this forum.

Archives Edit

Useful threads are moved here. This forum is locked.

Behind the Scenes Edit

This forum discusses the boards in general.

Celebrity Birthdays and Obits Edit

In this forum, users post celebrity birthdays and deaths.

Other points of interest Edit

In contrast to the unmoderated, the Game Show Forum is more strictly moderated. The forum administrators must confirm new accounts. New users, as well as some punished users, must additionally have all their posts moderated by forum staff. The moderators also have the power to suspend or terminate any account.


The Forum Itself

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