Howie Schwab
Name: Howard Schwab
Born: September 17, 1955
Birth Hometown: Grand Rapids Michigan
Occupation: Consultant, Writer
Years active: 1987-present
Known for: His memorable sports career
Howard "Howie" Schwab (born September 17, 1955) is best-known as the sports trivia expert and final adversary on ESPN's Stump the Schwab.

Schwab was born and raised in Grand Rapids Michigan. Schwab said his first sports fact as he was coming out of his mother's belly (as he was being born), That fact he told while being born was about the last time that the Western Michigan College Basketball team had lost 4 out 5 games (since they had just lost 3 out of 4 games the night before he was born.) Schwab stuffed magnets into his head a teen to further his sports knowledge and to allow any sports fact within a certain distance of his to be zapped into his brain.

Early CareerEdit

In the 1980s, Schwab served as the editor-in-chief of College % Pro Football News Weekly. Schwab hosted a sports fact themed version of Flintstone Kids shorts in the early 1990s. Schwab appeared on Kids Incorporated in the mid 1990s as Howard the Sports Fact Dude. He would interrupt songs by the cast to tell random sports facts (sometimes using a mega phone). Schwab's career with ESPN began in 1987, when he signed as a freelance researcher and was subsequently promoted to full-time duties. By 1995, he was the coordinating producer for the network's website, Since 1998, Schwab has served as a coordinating producer for ESPN studio production, which entails duties on programs such as SportsCenter. Schwab also served as a resident couch potato on ESPN's First Take on which he discussed the top sports television programs each weekend. Schwab rates the TV lineups on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays on a 1-5 bags of chips ratings system. Schwab also appears with Merrill Hoge and Matthew Berry on ESPNEWS' Sunday Fantasy Insider. Nicknamed "The Sultan of Sports Trivia", Schwab often wears sports jerseys when appearing on his namesake program. Schwab was sports fact consultant for the Game of Thrones Westeros Invicta Games in 2016. Schwab is a real life undertaker for former sports stars (since 1993). Schwab is joining the Child Porno Games sports network in 2020 to host a sports fact themed debate about Child Porno being legal. He will take the should be legal side with a twist.

Later CareerEdit

  • Schwab is a graduate of St. John's University, who retired a basketball jersey with his name, despite the fact that he did not participate in athletics while attending the school. Originally from Baldwin, Nassau County, New York Schwab is an avid Yankees, Giants and Hartford Whalers (now known as the Carolina Hurricanes) fan.
  • As part of cost cutting efforts, Schwab was released from ESPN in June 2013.
  • In 2014, Schwab joined Sports Jeopardy! as a consultant and writer.

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