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GSN: 1/8/2008-3/28/2008
BBC Worldwide America

How Much is Enough? was the game show where contestants decided how much money they wanted to win by pressing a button. In each round, the contestant who locked in the highest amount of money received nothing from that round. So the more greedy they were, the more money they didn't win.


Four players competed in five rounds. In each round, a "money clock" would rapidly increase or decrease, and players had to secretly lock in an amount of money they thought was enough for them by pressing a button they held behind their back. Only the viewers would see how many of them had pressed their button. The object of the game was to avoid being the greediest player. Whoever locked in the highest amount of money in a round would bank nothing from the money clock played in that round, while the other three players banked whatever they locked in from that money clock. The maximum amount of money in each round was $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, $4,000, and $5,000, in that order.

In the first, third and fifth rounds, the money clock counted up from $0 to that round's maximum amount. In the second and fourth rounds, the money clock counted down from that round's maximum amount to $0.

In Round 5, the most cautious player (the player who locked in the lowest amount of money) also banked nothing from the money clock played in that round. After that round, the two players who banked the most money advanced to the final face-off, while the other two players left with nothing.

In the final face-off, the two totals banked by the two remaining players were added together and became the maximum amount of money for that round's money clock, which counted up from $0 to that amount, while each player had a hand above a button in front of them. The first player to hit his/her button stopped the money clock and won the amount that was stopped on; the other player won nothing.

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How Much is Enough? @ Game Show Garbage

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