Debi Gutierrez
Hidden Agenda Pic 1
GSN: 1/14/2010-3/5/2010
Man House Productions
Embassy Row
Kuperman Productions
Keshet Broadcasting
Sony Pictures Television

Hidden Agenda was an ill-fated/short-lived hidden camera reality game show in which wives secretly force their husbands to do what they want them to do; all for cash.


The series was a new domestic, hidden-camera game show in which one member of a couple attempts to persuade his or her partner to complete a series of challenges without letting on that the world is watching. Debi Gutierrez, whose comedy career had thrived on the communication (or lack their of) between couples, serves as host and as the couples' cheerleader.


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Philippe Boveste & Ronny Marley


Kuperman Productions & Keshet Broadcasting


Hidden Agenda was originally titled as "Honey, Please".


"So remember, it always pays to do the little things when you're in love, and sometimes it may even pay in cash; because you never know when your spouse may have a hidden agenda." - Debi Gutierrez


Hidden Agenda @ Game Show Garbage

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