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Title Genre
HGTV Design Star Reality
HGTV Design Star All Stars Spinoff
HGTV Showdown Reality
HGTV Summer Showdown Spinoff
HGTV's $250,000 Challenge Reality
Haggis Baggis Puzzle
Hail The Champ Childrens
Hair Battle Spectacular Reality
Hair Jacked Quiz, Themed (Popular Culture)
Halloween Baking Championship Spinoff
Halloween Wars Lifestyle
Happy Hour Variety
Have a Heart Quiz, General Knowledge
He Said She Said Dating
He's A Lady Reality
Head Games Quiz
Head of the Class Unsold Pilot
Headline Chasers Puzzle, General Knowledge
Heartland Poker Tour Poker
Hell Date Dating
Hell's Kitchen Reality
Hellevator Drama, Horror
Here Come the Newlyweds Relationship
The Hero Reality
Heroes of Cosplay Reality
Hey! Spring of Trivia
Hi-Score Video Games
Hidden Agenda Reality
High Finance Quiz, General Knowledge
High Five Challenge Quiz, Academic, Regional (Oregon)
High Low Gambling
High Q (GA) Quiz, Academic, Regional (Georgia)
High Q (KS) Quiz, Academic, Regional (Kansas)
High Q (KY) Quiz, Academic, Regional (Kentucky)
High Q (OH) Quiz, Academic, Regional (Ohio)
High Q (OR) Quiz, Academic, Regional (Oregon)
High Q (TX) Quiz, Academic, Regional (Texas)
High Q (WV) Quiz, Academic, Regional (West Virginia)
High Quiz Bowl Quiz, Academic, Regional (Wisconsin)
High Rollers Gambling
High School Challenge Quiz, Academic, Regional (Michigan)
High School Musical: Get in the Picture Variety
High Stakes Quiz, Academic, Regional (Maryland)
High Stakes Poker Sports
Highway 18 Reality
Hip Hop Hold 'Em Reality
Hip Hop Squares Music
Hispanic College Quiz Quiz, Themed (Ethnic History)
History IQ Quiz, Themed (History)
Hit Man Family Game
Hit Me Baby One More Time Reality (Music)
Hitched or Ditched Relationship
Hold Everything! Reality
Hold It Please Big Prize
Hold That Camera Interactive
Hold That Note Music
Hold That Pose Childrens
Hole in the Wall Stunts & Dares
Holiday Baking Championship Cooking
The Hollywood Connection Panel Game
The Hollywood Game Quiz, Themed (Hollywood)
Hollywood Game Night Themed Quiz
Hollywood Showdown Quiz, Themed (Hollywood)
Hollywood Squares Family Game
Hollywood's Talking Observation Play
Hollywood Teasers Puzzle, Pilot
Home Free Reality
Home Run Derby Sport
The Home Shopping Game Shopping
Homemade Millionaire Reality
Hometown High Q Quiz, Academic, Regional (Pennsylvania)
Honda Campus All-Star Challenge Quiz, Academic
The Honeymoon Game Quiz, General Knowledge
The Honeymoon Race Lifestyle
Hood Fab Quiz, Themed (Music)
The Hook Up Dating
Hoosier Know It Alls Quiz, Themed, Regional (Indiana)
Hoosier Millionaire Lottery, Regional (Indiana)
Hot Potato Surveys
Hot Seat Lying
Hot Set Realtiy
Hot Streak Word Association
Hotel Showdown Reality
House of DVF Reality
House of Dreams Reality
House of Food Cooking
House Party Unsold Pilot
House Rules Reality
House vs. House Reality
House Wars Reality
How Do You Like Your Eggs? Regional (Ohio)
How Do You Rate Quiz, Themed (Surveys)
How Much is Enough? Gambling
How's Your Mother-In-Law? Comedy, Relationship
Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling Sport
Hungry Investors Food
Hurl! Stunts & Dares
Hype Quiz, Stunts & Dares, Pilot

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