Clive Pearse (2006-2009)
Vern Yip
Tanika Ray(2011)
David Bromstad (2012-2013)
Vern Yip
Genevieve Gorder (2009-2013)
Sabrina Soto (2013)
Candice Olson (2009-2011)
Cynthia Rowley (2006-2008)
Martha McCully (2006-2008)
Design star-show
HGTV-STAR-2013 logo s4x3 al
HGTV: 7/23/06 - 7/21/13
495 Productions

HGTV Design Star (later HGTV Star) was a reality competition show where aspiring designers compete for the chance to star in their own HGTV series.


Each week, the remaining contestants participate in an interior design challenge such as designing a living space with a specific purpose (bedroom, living room, garage) or creating a space in an empty room, using unconventional items from a pet store, mechanics store or a discount store. The designers are given a specific amount of time and cash to create their designs, sometimes working alone and sometimes in teams.


"I'm sorry, we will not be producing your show!"


From seasons 1-7, the show's title was known as HGTV Design Star; currently, the show’s title is HGTV Star.

See AlsoEdit

HGTV Design Star All Stars - a short-lived spinoff that aired briefly on HGTV in 2012.


Official Website

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