Stacy Ferguson, Stefanie Ridel & Renee Sands (Wild Orchid)
Great Pretend
WO 725
WO 131
FOX Family Channel: 1999-2001

Great Pretenders (not to be confused with the 1955 and its 1987 remake hit song by The Platters and the late Freddie Mercury [of Queen fame] respectively as The Great Prentender) was a half-hour musical game show in which young performers lip-sync to pop hits. On this program contestants lip sync and dance to their favorite songs for the chance to win prizes as their performances are judged by a live studio audience. The one with the most votes is inducted as the top "great pretender".


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  • The program's slogan is, "They're the greatest singers...They're the greatest dancers...They're the greeeeat pretenders!".
  • Hosts Stacy Ferguson, Stefanie Ridel and Renee Sands were once better known as the now defunct pop group called Wild Orchid.
  • Stacy Ferguson (better known as "Fergie") is a member of the musical group called The Black Eyed Peas though occasionally she performs as a solo act.

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Official website (via Internet Archive)

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