Curt Chaplin
Deborah Johnson
Dave Herman
Syndication (Weekly): 7/9/1988 - 7/1989
The PHoenix Communications Group Inc.

Grandstand was a short-lived sports-themed quiz show.


Three teams of two (consisting of civilian contestants & celebrity athletes) compete to answer a series of sports-related questions.

Main GameEdit

Round 1 (Face-Off)Edit

In the first round, the players are quizzed on their partners' careers by the their partners themselves. The teams played one at a time. Each contestant was asked up to seven questions and had 60 seconds to answer as many as they can. Should the contestant's athlete partners exhaust all the questions but the contestant did not answer them all correctly, they went back to the questions missed with host Chaplin asking those questions himself in the duration of the remaining time. Each correct answer was worth 25 points meaning that there were 175 points available; however, if the contestant can answer all seven questions correctly, he/she received a 25 point bonus for a maximum total of 200 points.

Round 2 (Fast Break)Edit

In round two, the teams were asked rapid-fire toss-up sports questions (many of them were visuals, others involved props). Correct answers were still worth 25 points. When a whistle goes off, the game shifted into a "2-minute warning" where all correct answers were worth double or 50 points. The team with the most points at the end of the round won the game.

Bonus Round (Touchdown)Edit

In this bonus, the action moves down a football-field game board in a round involving general sports trivia. To start, the winning team was given a choice of three categories then the round began. The team started at the 20 yard line, then they had 60 seconds to answer as many questions under the chosen category as they can in an attempt to reach the endzone. Each correct answer earned 10 more yards down the field and won $200 in prizes. If the winning team scored a touchdown (made it to the end) the civilian contestant won a grand prize vacation. On the way to a “touchdown”, desperate winning teams could call a "Time Out" and throw “the bomb” which meant they must risk their winnings on an all-or-nothing question.


Bob Burke


This was the first of two game shows hosted by Curt Chaplin who went on to become hallway interviewer/announcer on The People's Court.

The scoring displays used on the show were the same ones used on game shows played on the mathematical PBS TV show Square One Television.

YouTube LinksEdit

A full episode from 1988
Part 1
Part 2

Another full episode (no last segment)

Another full episode but with a bonus round win.

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