Dennis Miller & Amanda Bryam
The Questioner
Pat Kiernan
Grand Slam
GSN: 8/4/2007-9/8/2007
Embassy Row
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"Welcome to Grand Slam, where television history will be made. For the first time, the greatest game show champions will gather on the same field of battle, and only one will reign supreme. From "Jeopardy!" champions to "Millionaire" winners, "Pop Culture" masters to "Word Wizards", sixteen of the game show world's elite have been seeded based on how much they've won. To compete in the most challenging game ever played, a winner-take-all tournament to finally prove who is the best of the best. At stake, a $100,000 grand prize, the coveted grand slam crystal trophy and the right to be called America's greatest game show player. On the most difficult game on television, who can withstand the pressure? Who will win...Grand Slam!"

Grand Slam (not to be confused with NBC Daytime's 50 Grand Slam) was a quiz show tournament-styled series with 16 of the biggest winners in United States game show history in a single-elimination style tournament. The contestants are seeded by the amount of money won on their original show(s). The sole winner takes home the $100,000 Grand Prize and a crystal trophy.


The top game show contestants in the United States come together to challenge each other's skills and intelligence on the fastest and most intense game show ever created. The series features sixteen of the top players facing off in a one-on-one tournament to determine the champion who will win the $100,000 grand prize and take home the coveted GRAND SLAM crystal trophy. Round's include general knowledge, to the test, math and logic, words and letters, as well as pop culture and current events. The unique countdown clock format puts maximum pressure on the players but no players are better suited for the task.

As the most comprehensive test of contestants on television, the tournament is single elimination with two players going head-to-head each match. Matches will feature four rounds. The winner moves on to the next match and the loser is eliminated.

International VersionEdit

The original British version presented by Carol Vorderman (of Countdown fame) and James Richardson respectively briefly aired on Channel 4 from 6 June (June 6) until 12 September (September 12) 2003.


Ken Jennings was the winner of the tournament.


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Based on the British show of the same name.


Official Website (via Internet Archive)
article about the original British version (courtesy of

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