Richard Lewellen
Tom Kennedy
Going Going Gone
Unsold Pilot: 1959
Ralph Edwards Productions

"Let's play, Going...Going...Gone! The television game where you can prove that the eye is quicker than the hand if you can outwit our persuasive bid master, Richard Lewellen!"

Going, Going, Gone! was an unsold pilot that was part Let's Make a Deal, part four-card monte, and part auction.


Three players are each given $300 and are shown four cups: three contain discs representing prizes, displayed on-set, while the fourth is empty (represented on the set by an empty prize display). Richard places each of the prize discs into the cups, then shuffles them. After he finishes shuffling, the players bid auction-style on their choice of cup, with a minimum of $10 and subsequent bids in $10 increments. The player with the highest bid gets to choose a cup, and this continues until three of the cups have been purchased.

Four rounds are played, with Round 4 changing things: now, each player gets their remaining bank balance in cash, which can be used in the same manner as before to buy from four boxes (bidding starts at $5, with subsequent bids in $5 increments). Two boxes contain certificates for prizes (in this case, a mink stole and a TV set), the third contains a lemon, and the fourth is empty, but the contents of the boxes are not shown until after they are bought. After three boxes are sold, the fourth is held by Richard for a home viewer.

Any cash the players have left after Round 4 is theirs to keep.


Ralph Edwards


Going Going Gone! at The Game Show Pilot Light

YouTube VideosEdit

Note that all known copies of the pilot are missing nearly all of Round 2 and the entirety of Round 3, with the footage jumping from the end of Richard's shuffling of the cups for Round 2 to the start of Round 4.

Part 1
Part 2

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