Jim McKrell
Biff Manard
PAX Special: 4/23/2000
ITB Productions/Hollywood Pacific Studios

Genesis was a religion-themed quiz show on PAX, of which only one episode aired.


Two teams representing their own church played the game of answering Bible-related questions.

The First Four RoundsEdit

At the beginning of each round, a game board randomly selected what category to play throughout the round. After that, host McKrell asked questions under that category. All questions were toss-ups, and they each had four possible answers given at the start of each question. The first player to buzz-in had a chance to answer. A correct answer earned points for that question; but an incorrect answer gave the opposing player(s) a chance to answer until there was one answer left. Point values increased throughout each round (going 100-200-250-300-400-500-600-700).

When time ran out in the round, the team with the most points won a prize. Unlike most game shows, both team's accumulated points did not carryover from round to round; they were reset in between rounds.

Free for AllEdit

Rounds 1 and 3 were "Free for All" meaning that any player could answer.

One on OneEdit

The other two rounds were "One on One" meaning that only one player from each team could answer.

The Lightning RoundEdit

In the final round of the game, each team chose their best player to play the round. In this round, host McKrell asked rapid-fire questions. What makes this round different was that this time, the contestants selected their answers in secret, and they had just four seconds to lock-in. Also, the point values went 100-200-250-300-400-500-700-750-1,000. Finally, the scores were not revealed until the end of the round.

The round lasted for two minutes, and the team with the most points when time ran out won the game and received a grand prize package. The losing team won a $5,000 gift certificate.

Holy Land ChallengeEdit

In the Holy Land Challenge, five contestants (supposedly winners from the first four days as well as the Friday winner) played one more round of questions from one more category. The first player to answer three questions correctly won a "Holy Land Tour" for his/her church team.

Benediction/Bible Music VideoEdit

At the end of the show, McKrell gave a benediction/bible wisdom quote, followed by a spiritual related music video. This one was Pray by Rebecca St. James.


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