Marlon Wayans
Funniest Wins Intertitle
TBS: 6/20/2014-8/15/2014
Eyeworks USA

Funniest Wins is an all new reality competition series where ten aspiring comedians face-off in various challenges as they try to make people laugh.


In the show, Wayans along with some of his comedic friends and family, puts ten comics through the ringer to find the funniest multi-talented comedian working today as they will learn the ins and outs of a particular comedy style and then put that knowledge to the test in that weeks main competition. At the end of the round, one comic will be sent packing. Then at the conclusion of the season, the winner will receive a $100,000 cash prize and a chance to star in an online series for Wayans at


Host Marlon Wayans is the brother of Shawn, Damon, Keenan-Ivory and sister Kim Wayans. All of the Wayans siblings have been cast members on the famous 1990's sketch show, "In Living Color". 


Official Website

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