Adam Richman
Cat Cora
Elizabeth Falkner
Duff Goldman
Lorena Garcia
Jet Tila
G. Garvin
Food Fighters Show Alternate 1920x1080 FL
NBC: 7/22/2014-9/3/2015
Universal Television

Food Fighters (not to be confused with the action figure collection that was released by Mattel between 1988 and 1989) is a one part cooking competition and one part game show where talented home cooks take on the nations top chefs to win over a dinner party made up of people just like you.


The table is set for the ultimate culinary clash where host Alan Richman (best known for Man v. Food) will give homegrown amateur cooks the chance to test their skills against professional chefs. Every down-home cook has that one signature dish or secret family recipe that always gains favor with friends and family. Now, imagine going head-to-head in the kitchen against five professional chefs, who try to cook your specialty dish even better than you in the hopes of winning over a dinner party made up of the American public. with each savored victory, the cash prize gets bigger and bigger as the home cooks rise to every challenge and outcook the professional chefs. Think you've got what it takes to serve up the competition?


  • Chef Cat Cora and Duff Goldman are both Food Network personalities as Cat's from Iron Chef America while Duff is from Ace of Cakes.


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