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Finders Keepers '85 pilot
Finders Keepers '85 pilot alt
Unsold Pilot: 1985
JM Productions

"At this very moment, somewhere in the United States, maybe even in your hometown is secretly hidden fabulous treasures worth thousands of dollars. All you have to do is know where to look and how to play. Welcome to the game where what you find is what you keep, FINDERS KEEPERS! And here's your host, Nee-Fi!"

This is an article for the unsold 1985 pilot. For the 1987 Nickelodeon/1988 Syndicated series, see Finders Keepers (2).

Finders Keepers was an unsold pilot from 1985 where two teams of two go on a huge treasure hunt.


Two teams of two (one orange, the other yellow and one in the studio who is the navigator and one somewhere in the country who is the runner) compete in a race to find hidden treasures.

Main GameEdit

Each team has a total of five minutes (5:00) to search in two places for prizes and solve clues & riddles.

Round 1Edit

In the first location, each team would have three minutes (3:00) to find up to seven picture card clues in proper order and in different spots in that location in an attempt to solve the riddle. If the running team can recover enough information and manage to solve the riddle, the runner can go back to the start per request from the navigator, stop the clock and win prizes attached to the clues. The runner must return to the start in order to keep the prizes. If there is any time leftover and there are still clues/prizes left, the controlling team can opt to continue searching using that time or pass this up and bank the current remaining time.

Round 2Edit

Same rules apply, except in this round, a new location had to be searched and the teams have two minutes (2:00) to search and they can search anywhere and this time if the team solves the riddle any treasure found after the riddle is solved will not count.

The team with the highest cumulative amount of time wins the game.

Bonus RoundEdit

The winning team won a chance to search one more place, this time for money. There are 10 different spots where money can be found and in one spot is a special item. The team has 60 seconds (one minute) to recover as much money as they can and/or the item in question. As in the game, the runner must go back to the start to keep the cash or they win nothing. But if the winning team can find the special item and then return to the start, each member of the winning team wins $5,000.


Mike Post


JM Productions


Rules for Finders Keepers (1)
JM Productions website
View the unsold pilot here

YouTube VideoEdit

Full Pilot

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