Hollywood Agents
Greg Meyer & Adam Lieblein
Fight for Fame
E!: 6/5/2005-7/31/2005
E! Network
Fish Eggs
E! Studios
Video Box Studios

Fight for Fame was a short-lived, Survivor-styled, one-hour reality show where five up-and-coming actors try to go "From zero to Hollywood in 60 minutes".


Each Week, they select one of five hungry actors for a fresh start at fame (and a contract) and send runners-up back to the cattle calls and dinner theaters. These actors are put through a set of four audition challenges including: monologues, improvisations and scripted auditions in front of well-known Hollywood directors, casting executives and executive producers. at the end of each episode, one actor signs with Acme Talent & Literary. The audience gets to see the decision process of the agents as well as the attitudes of talented and not-sop-talented actors.


Official Website (via Internet Archive)

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