"Ruff Ruffman" (voiced by Jim Conroy)
Chet the Mouse and Princess Blossom the Cat (Seasons 2-5)
Fetch with Ruff Ruffman
PBS: 5/29/2006 - 11/4/2010
WGBH Boston

Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman was a children's reality game show on PBS Kids lasting for 5 seasons. The show was taped at WGBH Boston Studios in Boston, MA.


Six contestants participate in the show (3 boys and 3 girls). Before Ruff tells the kids what their task is for the day, he summarizes the scoring. Ruff's computer, the Fetch3000, determines what today's task is and sends the assigned people for the job. Then he tells that there are supplies for the task and instructions in the mailbox telling the contestants to "Go Fetch!". Each task correctly performed gets the contestant points. The remaining contestants who are in the studio will watch the task on the TV and then in the middle of the show take the "Half Time Quiz Show" for extra points. At the end of the task of the day, the contestants who were out return to the studio and Ruff calculates the score into the Fetch3000. Bonus points are also rewarded on the show as well. The winner is the contestant with the most points. The prize is in the mailbox which are "booby prizes".


Anna Sheridan*
Brian McGoff
Julia Kardashian-Millstein
Khalil Flemming
Noah Ellis
Taylor Garron (from another PBS Kids show, ZOOM)

Bridget O'Sullivan
Madi Baker
Mike Spencer*
Nina Wadekar
Rosario Corso
Willie Erickson

DJ Santos-Thomas
Harsha Amaravadi
Jay Brosnan*
Noel Um
Sam Blumenfeld
Sammy Boucher

Bethany Owens
Brian Conroy
Issac Bean
Liza Giangrande*
Sterling Singletary
Talia Patapoutian

Emmie Atwood
Jay Ricco
Marc Prophet
Marco Frongillo*
Rubye Peyser
Shreya Viswanathan


A DVD that had episodes of the first entire season was released.

Episodes could be purchased on iTunes with all 5 seasons

T-shirts with the Fetch logo on it

Two story books were released, including a science activity book. They were all released by Candlewick Press.

Theme LyricsEdit

Life was missing its mystique

My squeaky toys have lost their squeak!

And then, out of the blue,

I saw a phone!

And bam, my destiny was calling me!

Pitched my vision for a show, they loved it, thought I was a pro!

They got my contract back to find

To their alarm, a dog had signed

FETCH! (oh I like that name!) With Ruff Ruffman!

I didn't wait to renovate, found six contestants, all were great

And now I'm on the road to fame, I've got a game show and it's name is

FETCH! (it's very catchy!) With Ruff Ruffman! (it rolls of the tongue!)

With Ruff Ruffman! FETCH!


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Fetch has aired 20 episodes each season. Therefore, the total number of aired episodes was 100 episodes. Also, when the show premiered in 2006, the episodes were taped the year before.
Season 1 in 2006 had episode tapings in 2005.
Season 2 in 2007 had episode tapings in 2006.
Season 3 in 2008 had episode tapings in 2007.
Season 4 in 2009 had episode tapings in 2008.
Season 5 in 2010 had episode tapings in 2009.

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  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting (2006-2010)
  • National Science Foundation (2006-2010)
  • The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations (2006)
  • Viewers Like You (2006-2010)
  • Arby's (2006-2007)
  • Chuck E. Cheeses (2010)
  • Macy's for Greendog Clothing for Kids (2006-2008)


Other CharactersEdit

  • Grandma Ruffman - Ruff's Grandma (voiced by Jim Conroy)
  • Henry - Ruff's Boss
  • Murray - a cousin of Ruff. He is a real Basset Hound who runs behind the scenes work. He was later replaced by Tank
  • Tank - Ruff's new technical worker. He's a real bulldog.
  • Charlene Pood'el - A poodle who is madly in love with Ruff Ruffman
  • Scruff Ruffman - An identical evil twin brother of Ruff.
  • Ruffael Ruffmanowitz - Ruff's great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather.
  • Ruff McRuffman - Ruff's great Scottish uncle with a beard.
  • Spot Spotnik - Ruff's arch-rival
  • Helga von Ruffman - Ruff's German cousin who is a fashion designer.
  • Glen Ruffman - He is Ruff and Scruff's nephew who is interested in fantasy and magic.
  • Gerry Geranium - Grandma Ruffman's parrot who is a master at checkers.
  • Rüf Rüfman - A Swedish rock star and environmentalist cousin of Ruff
  • Bluff Ruffman - A gangster like cousin of Ruff's who wears sunglasses and a bling necklace.
  • Blackmuzzle Ruffman - A dog pirate sailing across the seven seas.
  • Roxy Ruffman - Ruff's sister who likes sheep.
  • Mrs. Kate Taylor - the owner and creator of Ruff
  • Mrs. Harriet Hackensack - the new owner of Ruff starting in Season 4
  • Le Purr - Blossom's evil twin
  • Gus Ruffman - Ruff's great-great-great-great uncle
  • Maximillan Ruffman - Ruff's ancestor
  • Wink and Dinah Ruffman - Ruff's long lost parents who gave the FETCHers how to get off Game Show Island. They are spies.
  • Tom and Trixie - the rivals of Ruff who have their own show, Go Get it! They were actually Ruff's parents, working undercover.
  • The Canadian Mountie - Ruff's Cousins who appeared in Season 3.

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Trivia Edit

This show was followed by "The Ruff Ruffman Show" in 2017, even though the follow-up has nothing to with the game of Fetch itself. Instead, it features Ruff, Chet, and Blossom showing the viewers how to do science related hands-on activities and games and play videos of children asking Ruff science experiment questions. It is a series of short online videos on YouTube and


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