"I'm Joe Rogan. This is (a special [name of edition] of) Fear Factor. The stunts you're about to see are being supervised by trained professionals. They are extremely dangerous and should not be attempted by anyone, anywhere, anytime." - Disclaimer.

"You six people have brought here from all over the country for one reason. Stare fear in the eye as you compete for $50,000. To win the money, you have to complete three extreme stunts. Stunts not only test you physically, but mentally. If you're too afraid to attempt this stunt, you're eliminated. You try a stunt but fail to complete it, you're gone. If you succeed, you will move on to the next round and that much closer to $50,000/the cash." - Joe Rogan explaining the rules.

"Remember, this is a game. Sportsmanship is important." - Joe Rogan [after early episodes]

"These are not your friends, these are your opponents."

"Congratulations, (winner)! You've (insert recap of all the stunts). Now, you are the Fear Factor champ! And eventually, fear is not a factor for you!" - Joe Rogan congratulating the winner.

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