Peter Marshall & Leslie Uggams

Cris Lemmon
Meredith MacRae
Glenn Scarpelli
Jerry Sharell


Bill Armstrong
Johnny Gilbert (sub)
Charlie Tuna (sub; later replaced by Armstrong)

NBC: 9/13/1982 - 10/28/1983
Merrill Heatter Productions
Earl Greenberg Productions
Columbia Pictures Television

Fantasy was a short-lived daytime game show (and human-interest show) that gave contestants a chance to make their "fantasies" come true.



  • The series was nominated for six Daytime Emmy Awards, with one win to Leslie Uggams in 1983 for Oustanding Host or Hostess in a Variety Series. In addition, Uggams was nominated again for the same category in 1984.
  • This show was replaced by another short-lived game show called The Match Game Hollywood Squares Hour in 1983.


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YouTube LinksEdit

A Full Episode from 1982
Another Full Episode (final segment missing)
KCST Fantasy Tour promo, 1983
Jerry & Glenn
River Phoenix
Glenn Sings Rockin Robin
Steven Feller
A Young Newspaper Editor
Honeymoon Interruptions
A Beach Workout

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