Evan Marriott
Fake-A-Date Pic 1
GSN: 3/17/2004 - 6/2004
Montana Productions
Fake-A-Date was a short-lived reality dating game show.


The game features one lucky contestant paired up with two singles of the opposite sex. At the end of the dual date, the contestant must choose between the dates. The catch? One of the singles is truly looking for love, while the other one is a pretender out to win a luxury trip with their real significant other. The honest single will have pre-chosen the contestant as someone who could be their soul mate, while the other "single" has no interest in romance with the contestant. However, the sparks fly as the pretender tries to generate some heat with the contestant in order to be chosen at the date's end. If the contestant makes the wrong choice, the pretender wins the luxury vacation to use with his/her significant other; if the contestant chooses wisely, he/she will the join the honest single on a grand prize vacation.

Poster AdEdit


  • Before Evan Marriott hosted Fake-A-Date, he appeared on a Playboy Special of "Family Feud".


Fake-A-Date @ Game Show Garbage

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