Kip Addotta
Jim Carson
Escapade: 9/12/1981 – 1984
Playboy Channel: 1984 – 9/28/1988
Scott Sternberg Productions

Everything Goes! was an adult game show, produced from 1981 to 1988. Kip Addotta was the host. It originally aired on Escapade for its first three years, then moved to the Playboy Channel in 1984, where it became The All-New Everything Goes. The show was produced by Scott Sternberg Productions.​


Two contestants, male and female, dressed in a different themed costume for each episode (Prom King/Queen, Cowboy/Cowgirl) competed in this game, along with Addotta and three celebrity panelists made up of popular TV personalities of the period.

Each panelist gave an answer to a question asked by Addotta, and the contestant would have to agree or disagree with the celebrity (much as on Hollywood Squares). If the contestant chose correctly, he or she could remove one item of clothing from the opposing player. If not, the contestant would have one of his/her own articles of clothing removed by the opponent. The contestants wore an equal number of garments to be removed.

Special roundsEdit

Midway through the game, one of two special rounds was used, depending on who was in the lead at the time. In one, three attractive, fully clothed women came out on stage, then disappeared behind a wall with strategically placed doors. Then, Addotta would open three doors, revealing three pairs of bare breasts. The object was for the male contestant to match the breasts to the correct clothed woman. A similar round for the female contestant involved her having to match three unclothed male posteriors to their rightful owners.

Final QuestionEdit

At the end of the game, one final question determined the outcome of the game. Whoever won that question won the game and a vacation or $1,000 cash plus the right to take off all of the other contestant's clothes (except his/her G-string).

Video releaseEdit

In 1983, a compilation of clips from the show's first two years—interspersed with monologue from Addotta—was released on VHS by Active Home Video as The Best of Everything Goes. The release has been long out of print, and episodes of the series are highly coveted by enthusiasts.

This compilation also aired on the Playboy Channel during their run of the show.


"Picadilly" by Squeeze

The open used only the instrumental open and close of the song (with a drumroll in between, to punctuate host Addotta's intro); the full-length version was used during the closing credits.


ABC Television Center, Los Angeles, CA


This was the first ever show produced by Scott Sternberg Productions.


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