Jim Hutton (1965)
Jim Peck (1980)
Ed Brennan (1965)
Mike Darrow (1980)
Everything's Relative 1
Syndication: 2/1/1965 - 8/27/1965
Everything's Relative 2
Unsold Pilots for ABC: 4/19/1980
Merritt Enterprises (1965)
Nicholson-Muir Productions (1980)
NBC Television Distribution (1965)
ABC Television Productions (1980)

Everything's Relative was a short-lived family game show.


1965 VersionEdit

Four families compete in this version. The contestants from each family would have to guess how family members would respond to questions from seven categories displayed on the category wheel. The first family to answer three questions in a row or any seven questions correctly wins the game.

1980 VersionEdit

Two families competed to see how much they know each other. Prior to the show, three of the family members on each team were asked questions with four possible answers marked A, B, C & D (one for each player) about themselves, what they do and what they would like to do. Those questions were asked to the other family members and they secretly locked in their choices. The more family members that match the correct chosen answer, the more points they score.


Here's how the teams score:

Round 1 Match 2 Matches 3 Matches
Round 1 25 50 100
Round 2 50 100 200
Round 3 100 200 400

The family with the most points after three rounds wins a prize and goes on to play the bonus game. The losing family had their points converted into dollars.

Bonus RoundEdit

In this bonus round, the family is now tested as to how smart they are.

They were asked up to four general knowledge questions and on each one, they must give a certain number of answers correctly within the time limit in order to win money. A family can pass if he/she doesn't know the answer and once a family member answers, he/she must sit out for that question.

Here's a chart explaining what's happening:

Question # of Answers Time Award
Question 1 1  :15 $500
Question 2 2  :20 $1000
Question 3 3  :25 $2500
Question 4 4  :30 $5000


The original show was produced in Chicago, while the 1980 pilot was taped in New York.

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YouTube LinksEdit

Intro of a 1965 episode
One of the 1980 pilots (Egan vs. Rosenthal): Part 1, Part 2

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