Rossi Morreale & Justine Ezarik
Escape Routes
NBC: 3/31/2012 - 5/5/2012
Profiles Television Productions

Escape Routes is a short-lived six-part reality competition that's a joint venture between NBC and the Ford Motor Company as it features the Ford Escape.


Over the course of the show, the six two-person team travel in Ford Escapes to six major U.S. cities, where they compete in various events to earn points towards winning the competiton. the show also involves audience participation from users on the show's website ( The show has been described as a combination of branded entertainment and social media marketing, with one reviewer describing it as "one giant commercial for the Ford Motor Company".


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  • Co-host Justine Ezarik is better known in the Youtube community as iJustine.
  • The show has also aired on Spanish channel mun2.


Official Website
Official Website

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