Costel Cienfuegos (as himself) & Guillermo Cienfuegos as "Lagrimita"
El Show de Lagrimta Y Costel
Estrella TV: 2004-Present
LBI Media Inc.

El Show de Lagrimita y Costel is a crazy Spanish language variety show hosted by multi-talented father and son pair featuring games, music numbers and comedy sketches.


Gong - Played exactly like The Gong Show where contestants have to showcase a talent for 60 seconds without getting the panelists to bang a gong. Winners get applause and a cash reward; those who are gonged get pied by a panelist.

Silla de Electrico (Electric Chair) - A pair of contestants play this one. One contestant is strapped into an electric chair while the other plays a game similar to Concentration. A board with 16 spaces is presented with money amounts and three have lightning bolts hidden underneath them. The player doing the choosing has to pick a square. If a money amount is uncovered, the player then has to try to find the other hidden amount that matches. If a match is found, the pair wins that amount of money. If no match, the two squares are recovered and the player goes again. If at any time a lightning bolt is revealed, the player in the electric chair gets electrocuted (the lightning space is then out of play). The game continues until all matches are made or until all three lightning bolts are found. The game is over afterward and the players keep what they have won. Maximum winning amount is $500.

Cards - Played almost like Card Sharks where a player has to guess whether the next card drawn after a first card is either higher or lower. Correct guesses win money.

Physical games - traditional Beat the Clock-like games.


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Background Music
"En Mi Pancita"
"El Lagriton"
"Operación Talento 007"
"Soy un Loco"
"El Cometorta"
"Dime Tu"
"Juntos por Siempre"
"Bajo La Lluvia"
"El Amor Llegó"

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