Ed Toutant is a game show contestant. He is most famous for his $1,000 win and later his $1.86 Million win on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire as well as his 3 round win on Grand Slam.

Millionaire RunEdit

On January 31, 2001, Toutant appeared on Millionaire. The first time he went on the show, he only won $1,000 because he answered the $16,000 question incorrectly. Eight months after his $1,000 win, he came back and tried for a bonus prize of $1.86 Million. He managed to get through all the questions and answered the final one right making him the ninth person in Millionaire history to win the million dollars. This is the second contestant in Millionaire history to receive the bonus money on the million dollars. Kevin Olmstead did this before with $2.18 Million.

Grand SlamEdit

Six years after his wins on Millionaire, Toutant went to play Grand Slam. He lost on cumulative time to Leszek Pawlowicz.

Cumulative TotalEdit

Out of the money won on Millionaire, Toutant won a grand total of $1,861,000.


YouTube LinkEdit

His Millionaire Moment

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