Duff Goldman
Rotating Judges

Haylie Duff
Elena Fox
Carrie Kegan
Geof Manthrone
Catherine McCord
Alysia Reiner
Kelis Roger
Aarti Sequeiria
Kevin Smith
Sherry Yard

Duff till Dawn
Food Network: 1/29/2015-3/5/2015
Authentic Entertainment

Duff Till Dawn is the ultimate underground cake competition, featuring bold ideas, fierce competitors and a ringmaster (Duff Goldman) who has never had a boring day in his life.


Host Duff Goldman's bakery becomes a battleground after hours for two talented teams of cake decorators as their skills and creativity are tested with challenges and twists to create the most outstanding and over-the-top cakes. With the boldest, tastiest and most impressive cakes for the chance to win bragging rights and the coveted golden whisk.


The title of the show is a parody of the term Dusk Till Dawn.


Official Website

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