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Lonnie Shorr
John Harlan
Dueling For Playmates Logo
Playboy Channel: 8/7/1983-8/30/1988
Michael Trikilis Productions

Two men competed to win a date with a Playboy Playmate.

Gameplay Edit

The game consisted of four rounds.

Round One Edit

In the first round, the men tried to predict how the Playmates responded to certain questions, earning points for a correct guess.

Round Two Edit

In the second round, the men were put in a mud pit and raced to place as many balls (literally) on a ledge as they could in a specified time limit, earning points for each ball.

Round Three Edit

In the third round, the men were shown a film profile of each Playmate and were asked questions about it, earning points for correct answers.

Round Four Edit

In the fourth and final round, each of the men did a strip tease before a panel of four Playmates, who rated them on four categories (Personality, Body, Movement, and Sensuality). The men earned points based on the total rating.

The man with the most points won the game and the date with the Playmate.


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