Peter Tomarken
Johnny Gilbert
Unsold Pilots for NBC: 8/22-23/1981
Jay Wolpert Productions

"In 1939, it was Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone in a duel to the death in Robin Hood! In 1977, it was Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi in a duel to the death in Star Wars! But today, it's (first contestant) and (second contestant) in a Duel in the Daytime! And now, here is the host of Duel in the Daytime, Peter Tomarken!"

Duel in the Daytime was an unsold game show that focused on two contestants "dueling" for prizes.


Two contestants "dueled" for a chance to advance to the bonus round by playing their choice of mini-games. The winner of each mini-game received a prize and a shield. The first contestant to earn three shields advanced to the bonus round.


There were thirteen mini-games.

  • 4x4
  • Blurb
  • Dateline
  • Grapevine
  • Inflation - The players had to guess how much the price of a particular product had gone up over the last five years. For every dollar they were off, they had to pump a balloon one pump. Play continued until a balloon popped, at which point the other player was labelled as the winner.
  • Lyric Game - Each player was given three songs to sing, earning one point for each word and 20 points for each song.
  • Roto Foto
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Sloppy Slogans - Each player was presented in turn a slogan with one word wrong. Five points were awarded for correcting the wrong word, and five more for correctly guessing the company.
  • Speeling Eeb
  • Take It Off - The contestants were given a portion of a celebrity's face. Correctly guessing the celebrity won the duel.
  • Tongue Twisters - Each player was given the same tongue twister. Whoever said it faster was the winner.
  • Tug O' War

Bonus RoundEdit

The contestant had 30 seconds to answer a question that was separated onto multiple monitors. Guessing multiple times was allowed. Correctly answering the question in one part resulted in $10,000. Getting it in two parts awarded $5,000. Three parts awarded $2,500.


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  • Pilot #3 is held by the UCLA Film & Television Archive, albeit in an unedited form that includes (as noted by The Game Show Pilot Light below) several retakes:
    • The first prize up for grabs was a sailboat, whose description had two retakes.
    • A judging error in the Tongue Twisters game resulted in it being reshot with a different sentence.
    • The bonus round initially had the contestant guessing Popeye off one monitor ("Who is the cartoon character") in four seconds. In the second take, she was unable to guess Tinkerbell despite having the clues "Companion of" and "Name that Fairy". The third and final take had her guess Delilah from two clues.


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Slate and intro of Pilot #2